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About 90 day “Get Snatched” Program! 

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

One of the biggest things I hear from both men and women is that when they go to the gym, they have no clue what to do. They get intimidated. The fear of using the equipment incorrectly, and most of the time end up hiding on the treadmill or simply leave without having done anything beneficial. Well you know what was beneficial? YOU SHOWED UP! That’s the first step, SHOWING UP!! That is the biggest accomplishment of all. You don’t have to know what to do, you don’t have to be an expert, just simply show up and allow me to help you with the rest!

My 3 month program will help show you with detailed videos, how to do each workout, how the equipment for your workouts should be used properly, so that you are knowledgeable on how to use them. It will explain how many sets and reps you will be doing and proper form! We are going to not only transform your already beautiful body, but also your MIND! You have the ability to do anything you set your mind too, so let’s do this together! Let’s gain that confidence back! Let’s be intentional with getting healthy! Let’s hold each other accountable! And let’s look and feel the BEST we ever have! Are you ready?

With the “GET SNATCHED” program, whether you are trying to build muscle and put on healthy weight, or lose fat and tone, this program is for you! My program is designed for any and everyone, but understand, I WILL MAKE YOU WORK! No matter your level, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will get a great workout, great results and have a great time! We will start off gradually and continue to excel in this program. We will go up in weight each week and push ourselves a little more each workout. Prior to starting, I would like you to take before pictures! I know, we don’t always like doing these, but this will be vital to your journey! It will show you a clear starting point and track your progress overtime. Sometimes it’s hard for us to “see” the changes happening because we can be our biggest critic, but like I love to say, documentation beats conversation! Remember this is not a race. Overnight results are not going to happen, unless you go hop on an operating table and while there is no judgment on anyone’s choices they make for themselves, YOU have arrived here at this awesome program, because you want to earn it! You want to go through the journey and be able to say, “I worked hard for this”! “I achieved my dream bod, with blood (please be careful) sweat, and tears! Believe me, it will be a challenge! There will be times you don’t feel like showing up. Life will happen and get the best of you. Unexpected things may happen, but regardless to what is thrown at you, REMEMBER YOUR WHY! Remember why you started! 

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Helpful tips during Program

  • Track each workout! Keep a log of how much weight you used for each workout, so that you can see your growth and go up each time. 

  • Always, make sure that your form is your first priority. It’s important to try the exercise or movement without weight first, to ensure that your form is on point! We want to make sure that we prevent injury and that we are getting the most out of each workout. 

  • Breaks are okay but don’t allow your heart rate to drop too much. You want to stay active and working. Keep the breaks to about 30 seconds. We want to remain INTENTIONAL!

  • Remember to have fun! This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience! Now, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that every moment will be enjoyable because you are going to have to push through when it gets tough, when you’re too tired to go on and when you don’t think you can, but don’t quit, don’t give up, YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!


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